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VW T25/T3/T4/T5/T6 Carpet Kit 4 Way Stretch


Introducing the Slaughterhouse customs carpet kit, for the VW T25/ T4/ T5/ T6 (SWB and LWB). 


SWB Specs:

  • 12m x 2m (24m²) of carpet
  • 12 cans of adhesive


LWB Specs:

  • 15m x 2m (30m²) of carpet
  • 15 cans of adhesive


+ CONFORMS EASILY: The 4-way stretch makes it easy to conform to all vehicle interior surfaces for effortless installation

+ HIGHLY RESILIENT: Resistant to chemicals and extreme weather conditions, won't rot or go mouldy, ensuring long-lasting performance

+ VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Ideal for numerous automotive applications, including van lining, boot lining, bass box trim

+ COMMERCIAL GRADE: A tried and tested high-quality carpet lining used by van conversion and vehicle restoration specialists


Postage to UK mainland only. Please enquire for international shipping.

VW T25/T3/T4/T5/T6/Medium Size Vehicles Carpet Kit 4 Way Stretch

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