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SHC T25, T3, Vanagon GPS Speedometer


The SHC No Nonsense Tutorial is live for this product! Have a watch HERE! Or else!


SHC T25, T3, Vanagon GPS Speedometer, is equipped with a clear high definition 2.3'' TFT LCD screen, which displays the driving information you need more clearly, but most of all accurately! (e.g speed, driving direction, local time, driving distance, driving time plus more- all in one unit!)


After more than 20-40 years of use, a lot of our classic speedos are best described as…well, creative in their accuracy! Slaughter House Customs UK to the rescue! Presenting the SHC GPS speedometer. With a few 2021 motherboard SHC additions, and a new firmware installation- its now ready!


Easy fitting, and connected directly to the 12v supply- the T750 reassuringly transforms your driving experience of a classic vehicle! Modern reliable information in a discrete package.


The T750 provides accurate vehicle speed, driving direction, voltage, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm (turntable on or off), over speed alarm(turntable on or off), satellite time and number, altitude and you can also freely switch between kilometres and miles. Handy for those travelling distances! Infact it provides you with everything needed for a more comfortabl