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VANAGON/T25/ T3 UNIVERSAL USB Panel! - SHC Patterns!


Put this little wonder wherever you want to! This is a universal unit- ready to fit anywhere in the van.


Comrades- we’re at it again! Here’s a nice little addition to that VW Camper- that you thought had everything! This Pod replaces the rear cabin air vent, giving you added USB power points in a very handy location. Charge your phone in bed, or on the move- and light up the whole cabin properly-from a handy location. Connect directly to leisure or starter battery- and as an added bonus, you can also cut the power to save your battery with the switch should you wish.


There’s even an awesome little LED that illuminates the on/off slider. So its easy to flip it on in the dark! Hey you know us…Just as VW DIDN’T intend it- cheaper and better!


FEATURES:• Made from rigid ABS plastic.• DUAL USB unit.• 2x LED lights and illuminated switch.


Now avaible in USB Quick (fast) Charge 3.0 Units, Click the drop down to add QC 3.0.

Wiring and fuses are NOT included. USE A PROPERLY SIZED FUSE (NOT SUPPLIED) WHEN INSTALLING! We recommend installing this to be connected to a leisure battery.



1x SHC Power Bank - SHC custom designed 3D printed cover plate made from durable ABS plastic, dual USB’s  and a switch. 


1x Interior Light/ POWERLIGHT - There’s even an awesome little LED that illuminates the on/off switch that omits a light, so its easy to flip it on in the dark!


Available in a range of Patterns, you can select a design to fit the look of you're Van! We will be adding more designs and a custom design option is also available! Please note the lead time is extended on the custom Patterns. 


If you feel you would prefer to have our full kit installed by a qualified mechanic- we can highly recommend official fitters for this product, should that be required. We sell this as an off-road kit as it is a DIY installation and it is a condition of sale- it is the purchaser’s responsibility to adhere to all road insurance requirements. Slaughter House Customs Ltd is not responsible for the misuse of this product.


Please note all images and design IP are strictly copyright of Slaughter House Customs Ltd.

SHC Patterns -USB Universal Panel