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SHC T25 T3 Vanagon Retrofit GPS Speedometer


SHC No Nonsense Tutorial - Coming Soon!


After more than 20-40 years of use, a lot of our VW speedos are best described as…well, creative in their accuracy!


Our SHC speedo is a direct replacement, using the existing mount. Styling the look to match the original 86 onwards (pictured) style speedo (early look versions also now avaliable!). Our speedo relies on GPS, and not the rotation of the wheels- which means your speed will always be accurate- no matter what alloys/tires combo you decide to run on! The GPS signal also allows for accurate mileage recording as well - SHC solutions. Simples!


Using GPS Technology enables the speedo to accurately determine the change in position - And therefore provide a precise speed and distance. 

Add in your current mileage! Worry no more, You're able to copy over you existing mileage of your old speedo to our SHC GPS Speedo! Full step-by-step instructions included.


Designed for all T25’s! Made 100% in-house at SHC! Remember, If it doesn't have the SHC logo cut into it- then it just ain’t one of our original and innovative products Guv! SHC designs are proudly created from scratch. NO SCENE TAX guarantee!


Included in the box:

- 1x GPS Speedo Unit

- 1x Wiring harness
- 1x Optional "External Button"

- 1x GPS Antenna (BNC Screw thread Connector)
- 1x 3D printed Case for Late DOPS control board

Suitable for all years, and Fuel derivatives! 



PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT compatiable with our the OEM or Aftermarket VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor - OE 321 907 344) Module, typically used for curise control or alternative retrofit engines. In this instance you would need to use an alternative VSS system, for example a driven unit off the Driveshaft.

Some Non- SHC or Non-VW ribbon/ PCB kits might require modification to fit.



Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.


If you feel you would prefer to have the kit installed by a qualified mechanic, we are now offering installation in our workshop. Please contact us to book, should that be required.


We sell this as an off-road kit as it is a DIY installation and it is a condition of sale- it is the purchaser’s responsibility to adhere to all road insurance requirements.  Slaughter House Customs Ltd is not responsible for the misuse of this product. Please check with your Country/ State rules and regulations before fitting. 


SHC T25 T3 Vanagon Retrofit GPS Speedometer

£195.00 Regular Price
£165.00Sale Price
  • Damaged on Delivery: In the unlikely event your product is received damaged, please contact us by email: immediately with your order number.

    Cancellation:If you wish to cancel your order and your item has already been dispatched, please ensure that you return your purchase to us in its original packaging within 14 days of receipt.

    Refunds:If you wish to cancel your order and your item has already been dispatched, please ensure that you return your purchase to us in its original packaging within 28 days of receipt in order to obtain a refund excluding postage costs.

    Full details of the above can be found on our CONTACT US page. Rest assured Comrades- SHC will have your backs, and do all we can to help out.

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