August 17, 2018

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SHC Mk2 VW Scirocco Project - Build Thread -

January 26, 2019

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SHC Mk2 VW Scirocco Project - Build Thread -

January 26, 2019


We recently picked a new team car, Slaughter House Customs being an alternative lifestyle brand, this icon 80s designed car was the perfect project. 


As this progresses we will add info and pictures of the progress. 


The Car... 109k on the clock and well loved. In need on an MOT, but clean. 





First things first was to get her on the road. After a good initial look round the car we decided to swap out on of the tyres. This car had not had an Mot for 4 years. 


We put the Scirocco in for a MOT, 1 hour later, and it had a good going over... PASS! no advisories. 


Engine Bay work!


Tidying up the engine bay is a must, we started work by removing out the old 1990s defunct Alarm system and upgrading to a more modern unit that is hidden away. 



We also took the opportunity to refresh some some rusty patches! 



We painted the headlight brackets and fan cowling in a gloss black to prevent rust and improve the look.




Talking advantage of the battery out, we changed the air filter only to find a nice present left by a squirrel. However after cleaning out you could notice the difference!





































Rear Lights refurbish!


The GTX originally came with the raised black lines one the rear lights to complete that 80s look. Over the age of this car they have worn off so we got out the masking tape to restore these units back to there former glory!




Masking up:





 Service time! 


After a few months of driving the scricco and ironing out any age related quirks it was time for a major service. 


A cambelt change along with the usuals was much needed. 


Whilst completing these we took advantage to improve the faded paint on the engine covers. A quick sand and a spray of paint refreshed the look of the engine. Combined with the freshly serviced engine and you'd think it had just rolled off the production line ;) 


Brake refurbishment


As we all know brakes need to be changed once worn, however after sitting for 4 years the brakes had become a little aged and require replacment. 


A replacement set of pads and some brake fluid should do the trick to bring back a good brake pedal and some stopping power! 






Light Upgrade!


As you may know, as a vehicle ages the light appear to get worse. This is down to wiring system corroding and increasing the resistance of the circuit, thus reducing the voltage to the light and reducing the output. 


There are a few ways to restore your headlight power! One option which we have checked out is to fit an LED headlight conversion kit. By changing your bulbs over to an LED bulb you can increase the light output.


The LED bulb unit operates at a lower voltage and less watts to run. As you can see from the pictures below the kit is simple to fit and sits in place of the existing bulb. 




 Modify the light covers to allow the heat sink and Fan to protrude through and install lamp and connector.