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VW T25 T3 Vanagon 1.9PD Engine Conversion Kit 


The SHC PD Video is live! Have a watch HERE! Or else!


Revolutionise Your VW T25 With The SHC PD Conversion Kit!


Upgrade your driving experience with our cutting-edge engine conversion kit specially designed with VW enthusiasts in mind. Say goodbye to sluggish performance, high fuel consumption and struggling up steep hills - and welcome the power and efficiency of the PD Engine.


Inquire now for booking, further info and pricing!


Why a PD conversion?


Increased Fuel Efficiency: 

The PD engine can rack up to an impressive 55MPG* - as long as you're doing it right! So boost your camper’s fuel efficiency, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

*MPG subject to vehicle setup, Weight, Tyres and other limiting factors


Powerful Performance: Ever wanted to see people's confused faces as you cruise past them in your classic camper? Now’s your chance! Conquer hills with ease and enjoy a smoother, more responsive driving experience. With its low down torque and punchy power delivery, the PD engine provides that extra power you've been craving. 


Reliability Redefined: Now we all know that classic VWs have a bit of a reputation for… having a little rest at the side of the road, let’s say. Time to fight that stereotype with unrivalled reliability! The PD engine is renowned for being near enough bulletproof, with regular servicing, these engines have reached 400,000 miles on the clock without too much complaining. Fit this robust lump with our kit and cruise to your campsite worry free.


Reasonably Priced: Unlike other popular engine conversion options, you won't be paying through the nose for a used PD. You can find them not only in the VW Golfs, Boras and Passasts but in Audis, Seats and Skodas too. If you’ve opted for our installation service, we can take finding the engine out of your hands through one of our trusted sources.



Compatible Models: Our Engine Conversion Kit is tailored specifically for T25/T3s with both diesel and petrol engines, providing a perfect fit no matter your model. Fear not aircooled crew - if you are interested in the PD Conversion Kit, we offer a watercooled conversion option, fitted in-house, including the coolant system retrofitted, so you can get all these great benefits too! 


Fitting options:

  • Upright:

The upright kit is perfect for T3 dokas, sinkas and campers. For campers, a raised engine lid is provided to accommodate for the extra height of the block - ideal if you have a raised engine storage pod or similar raised interior over the engine bay.


  • 50 degree:

The 50 degree model is perfect for your original interiors where changing the engine lid height is not feasible. To accommodate for your Westfalia interior, SHC has designed the 50 degree kit to seamlessly fit in your T25 engine bay while maintaining the original engine lid height.


Both the upright and 50 degree kit is available for professional In-House Installation: Opt for our hassle-free, professional installation by our skilled team at SHC HQ. Sit back and relax while we transform your camper.


DIY Installation kits to follow! Coming soon - Watch this space.


What's included?:


Our conversion kit includes everything you need for a seamless installation – aside from the engine itself (unless you’re getting it fitted in-house, where we can source your engine) all the necessary components are provided. No need to search for additional parts or worry if you have the right stuff; we've got you covered.


Just some of the great features the kit includes are listed below:


  • Full stainless steel exhaust system

  • Stainless steel front to back coolant pipes

  • Custom remap to correctly taylor torque figures to your T25

  • Powder coated engine bar with hydraulic mounts

  • Custom made brackets to seamlessly accommodate all ancillaries 

  • In house produced loom

  • Engine lid riser

  • Upgraded starter motor

  • Custom air intake

  • Dual mass flywheel

  • Custom sump


Full list to follow!


Please feel free to contact us with any enquires you may have. 


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VW T25 T3 Vanagon 1.9PD Engine Conversion Kit