An amazing Triumph that we had the pleasure to work on. Tom came to us with a style and look that he envied for his beloved Triumph . He wanted a great looking bike with a classic iconic style. The SHC team had great fun working with Tom,and to construct the style and look he was after. Working with image design paintwork to come up with an awesome project, culminating with a great looking aqua coloured tank. We were able to achieve this using copper materials which oxidised to give this colour. Its certainly turned a few heads, and one that we're very proud off!


'Bish' is a great character who came to us looking to turn his Thruxton, into  style statement that matched his personality-OK we said, no worries was our response!With mean chunky tyres, and a bold digital Camo paint job by D'lucks Paint , we feel that the bike makes a bold statement indeed- a wonderful project with a great customer. We complimented the look with superbright motogadget indicators and by wrapping the exhaust pipes.

the 'bullet bobber' (royal enfield)

"If you were one of the visitors to this year's custom motorcycle show at Beaulieu in June, you could not fail to have been impressed by one particular motorcycle entered in the traditional period chopper class. Given that it was a rather incongruous inclusion in that category, the crowd was delighted when the Royal Enfield in question was awarded a trophy because this was a motorcycle that oozed class and style, along with a finish of which many professional builders would have been proud. It was not, as you might surmise from that comment, a pro build, but the result of several months' hard work in a small workshop by two gentlemen, of which one of them was only 19 at the time."

BWM R65 'Raw STreet Tracker'

Another BMW that we worked on. The bike is so well made and you can see the aircraft engineering quality and logic as you strip it down. There wasn’t a single seized nut or screw and, despite the surface corrosion, everything polished up amazingly well. the chunky oversized element of everything—like the four nuts to separate the sealed gearbox and two purpose-made handles (properly known as ‘cylinders’!) which make the removal of the engine a doddle."

HONDA 550-FOUR 'Euro Tracker'

Classic Honda 550. David came to us with a style and look that he envied for his honda. He wanted a great looking bike but with practical details, he will be using this to travel around Europe. We had great fun working with David and managed to build an awesome bike that he will get the most enjoyment out of.  On the first ride out with David, it poured with rain, we were soaked head to toe, I'm sure he couldn't wait to leave the English weather behind!"

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