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SHC-sharING the love of customizing AUtomotive Dream machines.​ 

Based in Mid Sussex we create bikes in the old Slaughter House at the bottom of the garden. Benjamin, a qualified Electrical and Electronic Engineer, with a passion,  interest and skills in all things engine driven. It’s all about trying new things, meeting like-minded people and building cool bikes we love to ride.


SHC is the best job in the world!...I get to live out my ultimate dream by creating these wonderful machines. Thanks to my father he installed a passion from an early age to create, this started from a young age after being given a socket set, most other children were getting Lego, but i got the greatest proper mechanical toys of all. This has now culminated in products that bring joy to others as well.


The bike companies created these bikes 20/30 or sometimes 40 years ago- and thanks to modern technologies and safety modification we get to make them even better than the factory.


Every bike is literally our favourite, each coming with its challenges and requirements. We strive for excellence and endeavour to create a unique beast with each and every example.


Building a bike at the SHC HQ means you have plenty of influence to draw down on…the building itself dates back hundreds of years- and thus we have a creative duty to give it our very best every time one of us picks up a screwdriver! We feel we are custodians of the premises, and like our bikes, we have a duty of care that is ingrained into the very essence of our SHC soul.


We are constantly looking for ideas and ways to use unusual parts or details which confuse people or make them wonder what it was or what it does?

The lines and proportions are critical – it’s not about bolting stock parts on it’s about the art and sculpture of the bike. Small details make a huge difference and when you meet people who get that and appreciate what you do it makes the hundreds of hours or searching and shaping and trial and error all worthwhile.

Above all, we do it because of the challenge and the transformation – when it comes together you don’t notice the hours pass and the cold workshop and when it’s done I am already thinking about what’s next.


For us- it is all about the process and the people. We are fascinated by the challenge of taking an often older stock bike and changing into something completely different, a real historical head turner.

We look at the lines and think what could do to improve things? We aim to make something unique that people look at and definitely know are a Slaughter House Customs bike.

Interested in retailing SHC products?


Slaughter House Customs are producers of high-end tailored design led clothing. We create unique clothing, with attention to detail second to none. Our products are suitable for premium retailers with a similar view on style, design and the automotive culture.

It is important to all concerned that our products are available to our audience only in suitable retail environments. We look forward to discussing retail opportunities, and establishing a long and fruitful relationship with the correct outlets.

Please provide us with the following details:

1. Contact name, phone number and email address.

2. Store name.

3. Store address(s).

4. Best selling brands in your store.

5. Any other similar products being sold.


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